Their facilities are varied enough to give you options between the basic amenities of an Active club to the numerous amenities at Super Sport and Ultra Sport clubs. The worst gym I ever signed with. My doctor faxed one over to them and still, I have seen nothing. Thank you so much for your kindness! Frankly, I should pursue a lawsuit for the discrimination against my son but no amount of money can erase the image of the tears in my son's eyes as he humbly walked away. But thank you for being honest and providing awesome feedback! Space people bring free weights in there and do not follow the directions of leaving the machine after they are done their workout. 24 Hour Fitness staff neglects to understand that if we do not patronize them they will not stay afloat in this tough and uncertain economy. Their email said, in so many words, that if I quit the gym I could have a free month, no refunds. For example, theres no benchpress, incline bench, and the dumbbells max out at about 80lbs. I will make sure no one I know uses this gym ever again. They sold us all on the idea of a judgement free zone, and inexpensive memberships that can be great for anyone. . Boulder, CO, Verified Reviewer. 24 Hour Fitness training and classes can be split into two categories: free and paid. I was told to call the national office at 866-308-8179. From the front door to the back of our Judgement Free Zone, we always strive to keep our club clean and comfortable for the safety and satisfaction of our PF family! They include the standard lineup of fitness- and dance-focused programs: You can find out which courses your local club offers and when they take place by calling the club or going to the clubs website. Have a wonderful weekend~. People, I urge you to enter at your own risk, but don't say I didn't try to warn you. I had a baby, and they took advantage of my situation. I was on the phone with Employee #118515 - Sarah S. I received a copy of the sales receipt from the Citrus Heights - Club 00523. Ours have been back to 24hrs for a bit now. Replies to negative reviews in < 24 hours. The mindset is this you can work out, but space out and clean up after yourself. Just joined planet fitness to take my workout to the next level. etc. I handle the financial affairs for my 68-year-old physically and mentally handicapped brother. They have a variety of classes to accommodate. After months of paying my bill and finally getting to work out for 1 hour a day only, I got flagged yellow today at the front door. Maximo Cantu reopened his gym Monday. If you have questions or concerns, please visit our COVID-19 FAQ Page. etc.. More noise, 6 minutes later, ""Hi Everyone, Kathy Ho, 24-GO, 24-Life, 24-Shopetc. So far out to a great start. In the case of 12-month memberships, you will have to pay your remaining monthly payments to get out of the contract. Many gyms want to make sure youre staying healthy and strong. It is clean and the staff is excellent. It's not getting that fifth star. Youll have to pay your first and last months membership fees when you sign up. Dallas, TX, Verified Reviewer. I like the judgement Free Zone. Hey, Jeff! Labeled Verified, theyre about genuine experiences.Learn more about other kinds of reviews. The place is kept clean. I signed up a little over a month ago and have not been able to use them , at this point I no longer want to use them after knowing they are basically being used as a bed. Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations. I'll drive into Kailua to UFC, it's not 24-hour anymore, it's 1 hour a day, and they can't even get that right. "The customer is always right" adage does not apply to these people and you can feel the disdain even from the manager. If you have a history of not going to the gym a few months after joining, it could cost you a lot of money to get out of the contract. I tried to get credited back for wrong charges and being charge for the month when the gym was closed for Covid. As long as staff and management are aware of the problem, then it is on the list of repairs; Please know we take broken equipment concerns very seriously, as our members' safety is of the utmost importance. By However, after their hours shifted, these promises are no longer delivered. Membership here is only for someone who enjoys car commercials and PBS beg-a-thons. 24 hours. In northern Indiana. You need childcare when you work out: The club allows you to drop your kids off for up to two hours at their Kids Club babysitting centers. . I have spoken to FIVE different customer service representatives (two managers) and have still only been refunded for one month. If your goal is to join a gym with a diverse class line-up that will grow with you as you find your niche in the workout world, 24 Hour Fitness is likely to meet your needs. Roro T., Choosing the right gym can be confusing. All just $10 a month. The second week after joining, the seat adjuster knob disappeared (on machine#6). Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend, By Your neighborhood gym in Union, NJ. RIPOFF. Thank you! Finally, sign up for a three-day pass to the club in your area. We're so happy you're enjoying your experience with us. Theres always someone cleaning (like actually cleaning)They have 20+ tvs for you to tune in to.Youre not missing out on any equipment. Date of experience: February 22, 2023 Useful Share Reply from Planet Fitness 4 hours ago Hey, friend, thank you for taking the time to leave us a four-star review! 24 hours. Its basic gyms offer cardio machines and weights, while its top-tier clubs have sun decks, climbing walls and more. By This is night and day from the gym I just left where I was paying $50 a month for an unclean gym, broken machines, unprofessional staff either eating or on their phone at the front desk. Finally, if youre on a limited budget, Planet Fitness is the smarter choice. The clientele was definitely older so they didn't come to the gym at midnight like some of the younger guys might. 856-722-5950. I went on maternity leave in September of this year and my doctor told me in August that I could no longer work out. A lot of gym didnt know what to expect, said Cantu. Have a great day, and we'll see you around at our Planet! Blink Fitness Review: Is This Gym Worth It? I can always find someone if I have a question or need shown how to operate a piece of equipment. Much of what we read about 24 Hour Fitness applies to all gyms, in general: hidden fees and cancellation difficulties. And, depending on where you live, you could have the advantage of choosing between several different tiers according to your workout needs and preferences. The tour was finished in in about 5 minutes. No one cares at the front desk- they do not say hello or goodbye. Some gyms can be obnoxious with that. Five girls behind the counter stopped me and said there was a problem with billing! While reviewers didnt always specify which fees they question, theres a good chance those fees were the annual fee and the start-up fee for no-contract memberships. The gym could remove a quarter to half of the cardio equipment and get more weight equipment. Exceptions to this rule are rare. During the COVID-19 crisis, our top priority is the health and safety of our members, teams, and communities. Fr. Have you let our club management know about your concerns? We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation. There are to many cardio items on the floor. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. Someone is usually walking around cleaning and/or checking to make sure all is well. My, Cathy C. said: If you're serious about losing weight and getting in better shape,, Elizabeth S. said: Love this studio! I had 30 pounds to lose and I did it in three weeks. Pools are integral to your workout: Many 24 Hour Fitness locations have pools. These courses take place two to three times a week and are 50-minutes long. It needs a better system with a wet rag type that can help with cleaning. It is a good work out place. In my opinion, if you want a clean, organized place to work out without the low-cost gym hassles, 24 Hour Fitness is the place. Copyright 2013-2023 HighYa LLC. ", Lately, they have added advertising for Fabreeze and toothpaste and then ""Hi Everyone, Kathy Ho, 24-GO, 24-Life, 24-Shop"etc. We appreciate your feedback. 24 Hours paid class options include TC24 group training classes and their in-house personal training programs. He gave me the run-around and told me I had to bring in a doctors note and he would make a decision. Local gyms say theyre doing more than that. 89 reviews of Planet Fitness "This is a good basic gym. You hear this everywhere you go while in the club from sitting in the sauna and steam room trying to relax to sitting on the toilet. Will Planet Fitness ever be 24 hours again? Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend, The staff and their lack of understanding, The manager needs training on customer service to start with, You can't make rules and don't hold yourself to the same standards, Shower area is hazardous as the floor is always wet, By Is 24 hours on weekdays, but would still like flexibility to go before 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m. on weekends. The only thing they care about is selling memberships. We havent has a chance to do it yet, but we got some pretty good tape that we are going to be marking six square foot boxes, said Wheeler. It's now been over 2 weeks and it's not fixed. Planet Fitness is treating its valued members unjustly and disregarding the importance of accessible fitness that they so often preach. New York, Verified Reviewer. "A lot of gym didn't know what to expect," said Cantu. John K., We're so happy to hear that you found your new home away from home at our McCandless club! Join now! If your club is closed, rest assured that we will not bill you until it reopens. By They have been in those chairs ( alternating at each visit ) every time I have been there. 24 hours. Prices starting as low as $10 a month. Phil K. said: The new owners have done a great job turning this gym around and it is, Jessica B. said: Since originally enrolling over 7 years ago the ownership changed, I help people to improve their concentration and energy levels through breathwork,, Rita P. said: My family and I couldn't be happier with Kindercare of Wall. I told him that it was not possible because I live 600 miles away in Portland, OR. No, do NOT do business with them. Lakewood, CO, Verified Reviewer. Covid messed up my charges. We're committed to providing a high-quality experience for our members, and we're glad that we exceeded your expectations. Overall, it is good. 00:00 - Will Planet Fitness ever be 24 hours again?00:35 - Is there a fee to cancel Planet Fitness?01:05 - What happens if you don't pay Planet Fitness?01:35. Difficult to Cancel: Many people have a hard time canceling their membership. It is just offensive. Here one week, gone the next. One of the girls reactivated in a negative way to me looking at her. Very attentive, kind, and helpful staff!!! Thank you. I felt very uncomfortable so I dropped my membership immediately. . I was hoping that planet fitness would have the abdominal machine that wraps around your should and arms from the side and not from the top. Anytime Fitness Review: Is This Gym Membership Worth It? bad place. To help you set realistic expectations about your 24 Hour Fitness gym membership, we analyzed customer reviews and here are the trends: Good Workout Variety: Many customers praised the number of workout options they had between cardio machines, weights and free classes. In order to safeguard you and ensure helpfulness and relevance, our compliance team manually assess every customer review before it goes live. 6701 Black read more in Trainers, Gyms Washington Township KinderCare 17.3 miles away from Planet Fitness Weights are always clean. Obviously, I am older and out of shape, but l was given little instruction, attention, or encouragement. Their turnover in staff and personal trainers was amazing. When will 24-hour fitness gyms go back to opening 24 hours a day? Hey Eric,Thank you for informing us of the damaged equipment at your home club. Anyone can write a Trustpilot review. I chose basic and im 100% satisfied.The staffs extremely polite, courteous and Helpful.Its worth the Value - I have a health issue so i havent lifted in 4 years but thats changin and im making my comeback at Planet Fitness, We are proud to have determined members like you, Pete. We had already planned on the 15th, said Wheeler. This is an advantage if swimming is part of your workout routine, or if youre in physical therapy and your doctor has given you pool workouts as part of your recovery. We're thrilled to hear that our staff was attentive, kind, and helpful during your visit, and that our gym was clean and well-maintained. Cantu is looking to add sanitation bottles at every machine. The machines are Excellent and Clean. etc. review; add location; contact; . I love going to PF on Wednesday evenings to work out with Chris in the Merrick,NY location. In fact they dont even look up from what they are doing when you walk in/out and could not be bothered to act on any issues let alone be proactive. If there's anything we can do to make your PF experience even better, please give our front desk a ring or stop by to speak with a member of our team! We always want our members to be able to gym confidently and comfortably! This noise is punctuated by 24 Hour advertising that repeats on a 6-minute interval 24 hours a day, every day. We contacted a San Diego 24 Hour Fitness and were told that TC 24 classes were $199 per month and, for the most part, that pricing was consistent across all clubs. Gym is clean, front desk not very friendly but that's fine with me I am not there for them. We have a zero-tolerance policy for fake reviews, and companies cannot control or alter any reviews at any time. Its been 24 hours since the amended Safer at Home order took effect. 2023 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. This company steals money from good people. Active is the lowest club tier and Ultra Sport is the highest. Then recently charged me after I moved to a place 100 miles away from a 24 gym and said it was my fault for freezing my account. I have been out of shape and have not exercised in years but now I am enjoying every minute of it. Gym in Edison, NJ | 561 US Hwy 1 | Planet Fitness Edison, NJ Club info 561 US Hwy 1 Edison, NJ 08817 United States Get Directions (732) 339-1730 View Club Schedule Club Hours Monday: 24 hrs Tuesday: 24 hrs Wednesday: 24 hrs Thursday: 24 hrs Friday: 12:00 AM - 10:00 PM Saturday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM Sunday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM Holiday Hours Everyone is able to do their own workout & feel good about it. Only problem I have is the 30 minute workout. They STOLE that money upfront from how many members? We will help you understand how this gym could be a good fit for you through the in-depth analysis we present in this review. The majority of the equipment are one of four basic cardio machines 1) Treadmill 2) Elliptical 3) Arc 4) Stationary bike The weights are very minimal. I'm uncertain at this time if I'm going to continue my membership. Hi there, Hillary! But gyms like Workout Anytime is already prepared. People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and theyll be displayed as long as an account is active. Hi there,We completely understand your frustration and thank you for bringing this to my attention. He is very courteous and points out what you are doing incorrectly and praises you when you get it. Clean , staff is friendly.At others I have been in the staff is more proactive seeing that black rooms have have protection at all times and they are constantly in the front and the back cleaning machines and beds and etc in the back.This is not a negative approach,rather a positive approach to make it better than it is already. We strive to provide our members with tons of equipment and if any equipment is broken, our managers are known for placing maintenance orders so damaged equipment can be repaired ASAP. HUNTSVILLE, Ala. When the pandemic swept the nation, it shuttered many businesses. main goal is creating educational content. Enjoy unlimited fitness training, 24-hour access, and a welcoming, Judgement Free Zone. The cost can be up to around $20 a month. Club Hours Monday: 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM Tuesday: 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM Wednesday: 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM Thursday: 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM Friday: 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM Saturday: 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sunday: 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM Holiday Hours Plans and pricing Get high-quality fitness at an affordable price. In doing so, we are taking a number of steps to protect the health and well-being of our team members and members, which include enhanced cleanliness and sanitization policies and procedures, physical distancing measures, reducing physical touch points in the club, and more. OK, so I'm out $35, but they have 430 locations in the country. Instead, the customer service rep told me I could just freeze it. Even though this is a 24 hour gym, he said it will operate from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. for now. The same person taught the classand pretty much ignored me. The 12-month contracts are ironclad; you cant get out of them unless you have a doctors note verifying a condition that bars you from working out. The hours they are open are busier than ever making it harder to workout with the comfort of no one watching you. Super friendly staff. Planet Fitness is treating its valued members unjustly and disregarding the importance of accessible fitness that they so often preach. After a few months, my brother suffered serious physical setbacks so he could no longer use 24 Hour Fitness. etcmore noise and 6 minutes later, "Hi Everyone, Kathy Ho, 24-GO, 24-Life, 24-Shop"etc. Wheelers team allowed its members to borrow equipment so they could workout at home, but they didnt reopen Monday when the amended Safer at Home order took effect. The word "crazy" is a trigger for my sweet and loving son who had an episode as a result of this employee's uncalled-for action. 24 Hour Fitness classes offer just about every type of workout youd need at various phases in your life, from high-intensity interval training to workouts designed for older people. Blink Fitness is a gym chain with over 80 locations across the United States that promises to make exercise fun and affordable for tiers of members. If TRX, squash, a sun deck, and or volleyball are non-negotiable, youll need to find a Super or Ultra club. With membership costs staying the same, even with limited hours, it is just as expensive to attend Planet Fitness, but only if you are available for the specific hours they are open. An Overview of 5 Popular Gyms and How to Choose the Best Membership, Amenities in top-tier clubs are industry-leading, Option to sign up for month-to-month contracts, 12-month contracts are tough to get out of, Some low-tier clubs lack amenities like child care and pools, Monthly membership fees at most locations: $31.99 to $56.99, Cancellation fee: Remaining months on contract, Monthly membership fees at most locations: $36.99 to $61.99. The gym is a good value; however, not an ideal gym for someone looking for heavy weights or free weights. He was inflexible. You can tell Planet Fitness has very high standards for their staff. Every handle, everythings been sprayed.. etc. Machines is basically pretty useless. Remake Planet Fitness 24 hours again. Sa. 24 hours. The owner is there three times a week and is open and friendly. Roseville, CA, Verified Reviewer. We are so happy you're enjoying your experience with us. However, its not a guarantee that your local club will have babysitting. Every time I am at the gym there are maybe a handful of people using the cardio equipment and a line of folks waiting to use the different weight equipment. Super clean and lots of equipment, but can be overwhelming for first day . But now they can finally reopen. Its very clean the staff couldnt be nicer. At PF, we always strive to ensure our members can enjoy their workout experience to the fullest! An employee told us only authorized people can work on the machines, and no one at this location is authorized. Instead, they seek to usurp their authority onto those that are different and seem weak or inferior to them. LA Fitness Review: Is It the Right Gym for You? Planet Fitness has limited hours, but Anytime Fitness has returned to 24/7. floyd's dump seymour, tn, texas waste code lookup,